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Renewed mindset, transformed: woman, family, and c… | Projects

Renewed mindset, transformed: woman, family, and c…

Allen Nakanjako is one of the 300 women who were enrolled to the neighborhood women programme run by the Watoto church in Kampala. Before she joined neighborhood programme, her life was in a mess. “I didn’t know how to pray, I didn’t have friends and people I could share with my life struggles,” says Allen.

When she joined the home cell, under Watoto Church, she went through discipleship programme where she was taught a lot of things including empowerment, savings and investment, etc.Allen who is from a disadvantaged area called Kawuku; quickly discovered her passion for tailoring and by the end of training session, she was helped to start her own tailoring business.

The Neighborhood programme which gives basic livelihood skills to the most vulnerable women in Kampala was greatly enriched by CMS-Africa’s transformational stewardship training delivered through the 6 month of mentorship. From the tailoring class she came out as the best student and learnt making uniforms, trousers, shorts, shirts among others.

She works at the main workshop at Watoto Church in Kampala under a retainer arrangement as well as runs her own business in the community. Allen has 7 Children; 3 and another two sets of twins. Her children are 6 boys and 1 girl.She was identified and recommended by a cell in Kawuku.

The Watoto church Home Cell in Kawuku that is conducted in Luganda has given birth to 9 more home cells by the neighborhood mothers- women who have gone through the Neighborhood programme and today Allen leads one of the home cells.Allen has learnt to heal from her past wounds through the discipleship programme and forgive herself and others after going through the programme.

They were then taken through entrepreneurship and given a startup capital.Through the discipline of saving, she was able to buy a tailoring machine. So for her start up, she got fabric materials to help her start making clothes.

​“Before I couldn’t pay fees for my children but now I am able to take my children to school and can afford atleast twice a year,” says Allen. The firstborn is at Ndekjje Senior School in Senior 1 and the second is a twin who are in standard 6. Her other children are an 11 years class 6 and then 9 year old who is class 5. Allen has another set of twins who are 7 years and the last born is 5 years all of them just starting Primary school.

Allen is now able to take her children to the school of her choice because she has the income. While society gives you choices, humankind is empowered with faculty and ability to make their own choices and that is what the training has done for the women in the neighborhood programme.

Currently, Allen attends Kazzanga Watoto Church branch and serves in the ushering department. She is also training other women in the tailoring business and while at it sharing the love of God. My intention is to engage with the fellow women and pass on the tailoring skills as a way to empower them and help them to engage in economic activities that help help them generate their own income,” concludes Allen.Allen says that her first tailoring student is 32 years old and has 2 children.

The other one is a young lady in her 20’s and since she couldn’t continue with school due to lack of school fees, she engaged her to give her livelihood skills. Allen makes laptop-bags, uniforms, dresses aprons and skits for women.She makes more sales on the bags and kids dresses.

When she buys a 6 yard material she makes upto 5 times more per after she has made various forms of textile products form the material in just 2 weeks.Allen looks out for new fashions and makes the dresses for display and in the long run, she ends up getting more customers.

For Allen Mission is reaching out to others, serving the needs of others, meeting other people’s needs. “Just as I was helped to rediscover myself in the face of loss and confusion, so I desire to help others overcome,” concludes Allen.