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c m s a f r i c a
Renewed Mindsets; Transformed Nations. 

Our History

History of CMS-Africa From 2008

Most Memorable Moments

From 2008 Since its inception in 2008, CMS-Africa through these programs has discipled over 20,000 people across seven African Countries. In CMS-Africa’s 2020-2025 strategic our target is to enable 16,000 people experience biblically grounded transformation that influences their families, churches, communities, and nations. We currently work in 10 African countries that include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic, South Sudan, Sudan, Nigeria, and Madagascar. We are intentional about making wholistic disciples for Jesus in places were the Church and her people are struggling to be – edges of society. In DRC and South Sudan, we are intentional about discipling people struggling under armed conflict and its long-term effects. We work with and through the Church because we believe that the Church is the most strategic agent of community transformation.
Our Passion

CMS-Africa is as passionate about missionary work as it is about transforming mindsets and creating an enabling environment in Africa and beyond so that the People of God build their own solutions and take ownership of their future.

CMS-Africa's promises are fulfilled in partnership with church and the local communities using our wholistic approaches including capacity building and empowerment programs that spur communities for transformation through renewed mindsets.



It is on this basis that the proposal to carry out a long-term capital investment that will generate income to make missions work sustainable has been mooted.