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Outcome Story from the Women Trainings in Wau Rest… | Projects

Outcome Story from the Women Trainings in Wau Rest…

The Women training which is known as Financial Freedom for vulnerable women was first
​introduce in Wau in 2018.
It was a training for women from different churches in Wau, it was in April. The output of the training many women experience the first steps of transformation in their lives, and some of them went immediately and started implementing what they learned, by starting small business.

 Then later we decided to choose ten women out of the 64 participants to give them small grand of 50$(it was random selection) to support their small business and observe how they will go about implementing the skill they acquired

The ten Women continued their business but with lots of struggle specially Wau had its own portion of instabilities caused by insecurity some times and poor purchasing power in the market.

However, in the midst of these challenges we able to have our first TOT training for 12 women selected from among the others. The aim is to have local that will champion the trainings all over that region and reach to wider range of women in Wau and beyond.

Out of these TOT’s Awadia Suleiman stood out very clear as someone who has captured the vision and started applying it in her work especially in training women in other women in Microfinance using the materials and the skills she gained from the Women trainings of CMS-Africa.

She said “ I had being working in Micro Finance for many years but the CMS-Africa tools or model of the training is the best , because It helps women to restored back Biblical understanding of women being created in the image of God , and start with what you have knowing what skills God had blessed you with “ She now involved in training women and very passionate about seeing many women restored their dignity back and are able to sustain their families especially in the context of conflicts poverty.

Awadia currently is working with Rural Community Development Initiative(RCDI) in Wau, she is the head of Women Empowerment Livelihood