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Discipling Market Place leaders: - case of Mama Mary | Projects

Discipling Market Place leaders: - case of Mama Mary

It is said that if your neighbor is in trouble, so are you. Yet for years, the people of South Sudan have been heavily divided along ethnic and political lines so much that they are not even fighting alongside tribal lines but amongst the clans and even families. “So why are South Sudan neighboring countries, the African Union (AU), United Nation (UN), United States of America (US) quiet when life is being lost in South Sudan every hour?” asks Mama Mary Lole who has been living as a refugee in Kenya for over 20 years.

During this time, her interaction with CMS-Africa has been a source of hope and inspiration. The churches and other Christian Organizations have actively been involved in pursuing peace to enable South Sudan to stabilize and businesses; local and global to flourish. CMS-Africa for instance has been at the forefront reaching out to South Sudanese in Diaspora here in Nairobi and we thank them for bringing us together to share, heal and forgive each other,” adds Mama Mary Mary is one of the SS ladies from Mundri Diocese who went through the Women training mid-2019. When CMS-Africa’s

Trainer Stephen Mosheni and Comms head John Ndeta visited her at her boutique within Kenyatta Market located off Mbagathi way, Mary with her 3 employees were at the shop selling clothe materials and sewn predicts like table clothes, bedcovers, dresses among others. “I have been operating from this stall 131 for over 10 years now and was greatly inspired to continue in the face of difficulty when CMS-Africa trained us on business entrepreneurship. In spite of suffering stroke in June and receiving treatment at South B Hospital, I have resumed business because I understand God has created with abilities and gifts to be productive,” she says in reference to one of the topics called self-discovery as a woman.

Since 2006, Mama Mary has been making various types of clothes including table clothes, bed covers and curtains and selling them to earn a livening and sustain her family that sought refuge in Kenya. May client base has continued to grow and expand locally and globally as far as South Sudan and the US. From the Women Training, Mama Mary says: Taking records and record keeping is one thing that I learnt and I continue to work with my employees- 3 girls to ensure that records are kept well.

From this business, Mama Mary been able to take care of her family as well as many dependants who are are living in Nairobi Kenya as aliens. “I have twins who God blessed me with when I came to Kenya and I have been able to raise them single handedly as my husband remained in South Sudan.

The duo performed well in school and have been admitted to Strathmore University. One of them has now even received a scholarship to go study in Malaysia and we are thanking God for this blessings,” says Mama Mary The first born daughter already graduated from USIU in Kenya and is now living and working in the US. Pray for Mary who is trusting God to grow her business especially when peace finally returns to her country and she is able to relocate and conduct business in her own country as an expert businesswoman.

Pray too for her husband who is ailing and seeking treatment Kenya and Mary herself who has a standing medical bill due to the stroke she suffered mid this year. In the meantime, Mama Mary and her compatriot Agnes are trusting God for this message of wholistic transformation to be taken to pastors and returnees in South Sudan through VISION Conferences.

CMS-Africa has also been invited to go train in the South Sudanese camps both in Kenya and Uganda where Mary and her family have some of their relatives and family still tucked in, hopeless, no hoping that their country would no peace and they too can live and engage in productive activities including business like Mary.