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CMS-Africa sponsors a first ever Anglican Clergy a… | Projects

CMS-Africa sponsors a first ever Anglican Clergy a…

CMS-Africa contributed financially towards the first ever Anglican Provincial Clergy Conference, held at Kabarak University from 19th to 23rd August 2019. The conference was hosted by the Archbishop of Kenya Jackson Ole Sapit and attended by 30 Bishops, 1551 clergy, 18 international delegates, 15 speakers and Provincial staff and a host of sponsors and partners.

The theme of the conference was, "A Wholesome Ministry for a Wholesome nation" with John 10:10 as the reference verse. “We are gathered here, fellow servants of God to provide you with an environment to be spiritually revived in prayer and by God's word,” said Archbishop Ole Sapit in his opening speech.

CMS-Africa is glad to have contributed towards this conference that provided an opportunity for the ACK leaders for fellowship, networking and reconnecting, as well as sharing of ministry experiences as well as analysing ministry contexts and making recommendations for improved and impactful ministry.

The conference provided CMS-Africa an opportunity to vision cast our programmes, connect and build relationships with the ACK leaders by being provided airtime during the conference, a both to display our transformational work, space in the conference bulletin and to write a paper on critical issues affecting the Church in Kenya. During the conference, the Bishops and the clergy reflected on some issues affecting their ministry including corruption, tribalism and inequality. The Conference challenged the Bishops and clergy to be true ambassadors of Christ in their contexts of ministry in light of Jesus' call in Matthew 5:1-11.

This calls on leaders to be servants as well as prophets who boldly speak against all forms of corruption and injustices in our governance structures regardless of who perpetuates such evil. Keynote speakers at the conference challenged bishops and clergy to boldly bear the prophetic voice of God without compromise. The conference encouraged all Christians to proclaim Jesus with zeal and vigour so that no generation, with the threat of secularism, misses to receive and carry on the good news of Jesus Christ.

Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi from Jos Nigeria and Bishop (Rtd) Zac Niringiye from Kampala Uganda spoke strongly on the issue of equality and active involvement of the church in socio-political issues affecting the congregants. “You cannot be praying our Lord’s Prayer- Give Us, Forgive us and Lead us; with all these inequalities in Kenya, and particularly in the Church” said Bishop Zac who served as founding CMS Africa Director before becoming an Anglican Bishop in the Church of Uganda.

The Bishops and clergy were challenged to review their work and calling every day knowing that their first call is to be Christians and bishop or clergy is just a position that will sure come to an end. Archbishop Kwashi challenged the clergy to ensure that they glorify Jesus and impact lives for God's sake. In order to be effective in ministry, the clergy were challenged to take training, ministerial formation and a consistent walk with Christ seriously. This will enable ministers to deliver wholesome ministry without falling in to the trap of irrelevance.

CMS-Africa International Director Canon Moses Bushendich spoke to the gathering on the wholisitic Community Transformations. CMS-Africa has developed discipleship materials targeting various groups in the church and community ranging from children, Youth, Family, Women, Entrepreneurs and professionals. The main content areas from CMS-Africa are world view and stewardship which address the theme of “a wholesome ministry for a wholesome nation.

” The conference speakers challenged the ministers to observe liturgical discipline without comprising the gospel as they seek for contextual relevance. As church leaders at the grassroots, the ministers were reminded to be creative and dynamic leaders who design inspiring worship experiences and practical ministry programmes that minister to the whole Christian. The Bishops and clergy were challenged to seek forgiveness and reconciliation and pursue unity by shunning tribalism and parochial autonomy.

The Archbishop and Bishop of All Saints Bishop Jackson Ole Sapit whose Sunday officering are well over Ksh. 3 million prayed the Lord’s Prayer –Give Us - together with the Bishop of Marsabit The Rt Revd Daniel Qampicha Wario, whose Sunday offerings do not exceed Ksh. 20, 000.

Likewise, the Kikuyu and Kalenjin Bishops and clergy present as well the Luo and Kikuyu Bishops and Clergy were made to pray together the Lord Prayer- Forgive Us and Lead US… signaling a repentance and unity amongst the warning communities in Kenya. CMS-Africa trusts God that as mindsets were renewed at this Conference, the Church in Kenya will become more united and deal in some way with issues of inequality that divide people along tribal lines even as we seek to have a wholesome ministry for a wholesome nation.