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ADIPIC showcases Youth talents in Matana, Burundi | Projects

ADIPIC showcases Youth talents in Matana, Burundi

ADIPIC an organisation was formed by the church in Matana to help equip the unemployed Youth translates to an organisation for Integral Development and Initiatives in the community. Its clarion call is ADIPIC HOYE, ITS POSSIBLE. CMS-Africa Local Partner Salvator Nkrerimana is one of the key community leaders behind ADIPIC and has continued to conduct Youth trainings by giving them life skills as a means of enabling them to sustain themselves. The over 180 youth who are members of ADIPIC are now involved in income generating activities at the ADIPIC Centre.

They make soap, chalk, animal salt-leech’s, dresses- vitenges, bread and many otherbusiness ventures that have greatly addressed the huge gap in employment at Matana. Local Catholic church Padre who is one of the ADIPIC supporters was grateful to the good work done by ADIPIC with support from CMS-Africa champion Rev. Salvator.

The Diocesan Secretary Rev. Vincent from the Anglican church, Matana Diocese was overjoyed to be at the ADIPIC facilitated event and thanked his fellow clergy Salvator for organising this special day that included bicycle racing and a display of the skills and capabilities of the Youth who would otherwise be unemployed today. “Unemployment is a major challenge in Burundi and Adipic is doing very well to help equip the youth with skills and abilities to become productive in the land,” said Rev.

Vincent. One of the ladies Irangunga Emima emerged the best cyclist for the day beating a host of 50 others. The church in Matana is very much involved in development of the community and that is why they work together with Catholics and Pentecostals to help the Youth through ADIPIC. Rev.

Vincent thanked CMS for the partnership that they have accorded the people of Matana over the Years through the church. The President of Adipic Samuel Sibomana said that his organisation has 9 groups and 182 Members drawn from different communes and provinces as far as Gitega. Sibomana said that ADIPIC undertakes trainings to equip the Youth through the CMS-Africa 3D training programme.

Through these trainings, we have held workshops on mind set renewal and initiated small projects for the youth using locally available resources like soap making. To make soap they use Palm Oil from Rumonge, a neighbouring area to Matana and their hope and prayer is that they can acquire the machines to extract Palm Oil in Matana as the Palm Plant is locally grown. They also make Salt leeches for the cows which is readily sold to the dairy and cattle farmers. Individual stories of change in the community were exemplified by Icireze Ines who sells groceries at Matana Market. Ines begun her business when she had an early pregnancy.

She now makes at least 200,000 Burundi Money every day from selling vegetables, onions tomatoes and other types of vegetables. She is one of those youth who went through 3D under Rev. Salvator Nkorerimana. The other one is Diana. Diana sells second-hand clothes at Matana Market. She buys a bale of second hand clothes at 400,000 Burundi France and sells in two weeks making a profit of 100,000. Diana too went through the 3D training. Recently, ADIPIC started making chalk using a locally assembled machinery and their desire is to acquire a bigger and better machine to make more chalk so as to be able to sell to all schools in Matana.

Sibomana asked CMS-Africa to help the Youth acquire better machines to improve their productivity and make economic sense for the many youths who are unemployed in Burundi. They are also trusting God for a computer so that they can start training the youth on basic computer skills. And when the CMS-Africa team visited Mahwa Parish, we were thrilled by the devotion and enthusiasm displayed by the YOUTH who have gone through 3D and are working under their leader Rev. Salvator to build a church that can sit over 2000 people.

Salvator Nkorerimana is one of the CMS Local Partners based in Matana. He is the curate of the Mahwa Parish. He started the church as a school a while back In Mtangaro, they are planting trees which has helped ensure that the forest cover of Burundi does not go below the recommended times.

Challenge And when CMS-Africa International Director spoke, he challenged members of ADIPIC to maximise the use of what they have. For instance, the machine for making chalk is not being maximised nor used poorly. The 3 sawing machines are there but we didn’t have a single shirt to buy.

They also make the sanitary pads but I needed just a pack of 5 but they were not there meaning that there is no zeal to produce on a large scale for sales and better returns. Can. Moses told the ADIPIC Youth that “when a Chinese Learns how to make 1 pad, they aim to sell to their 1.6billion population and several Billions in all the countries of the world.