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Discover, Develop and Deploy

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Discover, Develop and Deploy

Harnessing the potential of young people in Africa

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This is a three-module discipleship programme for young people with a minimum time frame of a month between modules. A total of 119 youths in three countries (Rwanda, DRC and Kenya) underwent the full experience having been equipped and graduated during the year. The three modules are: Discover, Develop and Deploy. Being a three-module discipleship training, the other countries have ongoing cohorts that have not completed.

The training materials were translated in the last half of the year into French and Kinyarwanda. This will help accelerate the training in the respective countries. In response to the story of Joseph, one of the participants, as reported by the trainer, Daniel Omondi, said, “I have learnt that I need to have integrity, good character and faith in God for my dreams to come true”.

From a Veterinary Assistant to a chef
Patience Mugume, one of the 26 graduates of 3D in Uganda’s Presbyterian Church in 2018 who deployed herself in providing catering services is making a livelihood out of it while putting a smile on people’s faces with her delicious food.

Patience narrates her story…. “I participated in the 3D training while on vacation. I had always thought I could do so many things and was confused about which one to do while my parents, especially my father, wanted me to join a medical-related vocation. On the other hand, my mother and I knew I loved cooking. During the 3D training,

I confirmed my real passion and gift was in cooking. After the training, and the national examination results were released, I was influenced by my father to do a veterinary course, which I did for his sake. Soon after the course, I got married, got pregnant and the lockdowns started. I used all my time in the house to check on all kinds of recipes on the internet and tried them out. My baby was delivered by C-section and that meant I could not handle animal treatment.

My husband supported me to get cooking equipment and expressed hope that I could make money with this gift. I requested friends who had parties to allow me to cook and deliver food to their venues. They graciously accepted and I did this very successfully, attracting more and more orders.

I thank God for the 3D that helped to Discover, Develop and Deploy my cooking gift. Throughout the lockdown, I have made money and placed smiles on peoples’ faces. I am so glad I have some money, I can send some to my mum, spend some on myself and save some. I work from home and I can take care of my baby; I can see her and she sees me.

” Together with my husband, we are planning to start a big cafe or restaurant to provide continental as well as local dishes. Planning to go for further training to get more knowledge about cooking and catering.
To the young people out there, do not depend on your parents for everything. We know we need money and you cannot depend on your parents all the time. So that starts from the little knowledge that you have. I have a sister who is very good at plaiting hair and I am encouraging her to develop the gift and begin to deploy it.

The Bible says “our gifts will bring us before kings.” God has given us gifts and we need to identify and use them. CMS-Africa has wonderful programmes and I look forward to many more. The youth programme should reach many more youths across the country and even many more countries including going online because many youths are misled.”

“The career chart” in 3D training was my greatest eye opener. I selected piggery, carpentry and sports. I have developed and deployed myself in all three. I have a piggery unit and it’s doing well. I make furniture and my dream is to supply the best furniture to the world through Amazon. In sports, I am a qualified and certified Star 1 referee and also a judge for boxing.”

Youth of Presibyterian Church in Uganda
3D graduate 2018

Lacking a job in the oil and gas sector, graduate discovers a gift in entrepreneurship

In DR Congo, Tito Illunga is one who has undergone mindset change and transformation by the 3D material. Jeff Sikabwe, the country coordinator DRC witnesses: Tito Ilunga, a young Christian, graduated as engineer in oil and gas from the University of Kinshasa in 2019. 

In September the same year, he was one of three young men who joined a 3D training in Kinshasa, conducted by CMS-Africa’s team, Jeff Sikabwe and Clovis Kalubi. In February 2020, Tito Ilunga started the mentoring process in 3D. He would meet with Jeff Sikabwe every Saturday, a process which took him about one year to become a full trainer.

He has since participated in training other youth and has been affirmed by many Church leaders including Rev. Pasa Mbongo Matthias who said of him, “This young boy is a good teacher, this is the kind of young man we need in our churches, and please we need him for more CMS-Africa training”.

Inspired by the 3D manual, Tito went ahead to deploy his gift of entrepreneurship. In December 2020, he joined “Urban Mission Self-Help Group”, a CMS-Africa/ DRC initiative where he is the treasurer. In February 2021, he applied for a loan and was able to start his own business. Today, as a micro-entrepreneur, he owns a barber’s and hairdressing salon, where he hires 7 young people. Tito Ilunga himself says “I am happy and I thank God for CMS-Africa because my business is doing well and I don’t have many financial problems”.