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Women Programme

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Women Programme

In many communities worldwide, women tend to be greatly disadvantaged.  Africa is no exception.  Women are...

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The Women's Training Program

In many communities worldwide, women tend to be greatly disadvantaged.  Africa is no exception.  Women are usually ranked last and many are the times they endure great suffering brought about by different social injustices.

One of the solutions is to offer these women financial skills that will enable them to look after themselves and their families through running small businesses.  CMS-Africa has developed a tool that does this. In addition, the Women's program is geared to create a forum where women can learn, encourage one another.

The CMS-Africa Women's Training program is interactive and participants are encouraged to contribute as much as possible.  The manual is divided into five sections. The first two sections deal with self-identity and transformation of the minds-tackling the wrong mindsets that have been instilled.  The next three sections then cover the business related topics- Business Planning, Managing Finances like Stewards, Book Keeping, Marketing and Selling.


The desired outcomes:

  • Women who accept themselves and are secure in Christ
  • Women who accept their God given role and seek to fulfill it
  • Women who now understand the basics of running small business
  • Women who are now aware of the opportunities ( business & financial) available for them
  • Women who can now sustain themselves in a dignified way
  • Women who can now challenge and empower others
  • Women belonging to various support groups.
  • Uplifting and developing communities where these women serve.

What have we been upto lately?

We have had three trainings- two in 2013- one was in Nairobi, Kenya this was mainly a TOT for about 10 people and another in Kinshasa DRC where 34 ladies and 4 men were trained.   In 2014 25 women from Mathare-Jali Africa and Korogocho were trained. From this trainings, the Jali women are now keeping business records and can now truck their funds better.

What is coming up?

Reviewing of the current manual and having it translated into 3 languages for starters: English, French and Kiswahili. The program is also an ambitious plan of doubling the number of TOT's training atleast 100 women in this financial year.