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The Financial Freedom for Families (F4)

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The Financial Freedom for Families (F4)

The Financial Freedom for Families (F4) Programme focuses on financial literacy (Knowledge, Skill and Competence)

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F4 (a program of CMS-Africa) is an experience that brings individuals, families/households, and communities to a place of well-founded belief system, practice, and competence to make a difference in their circle of influence. F4 emanates from a realization of the struggles that many families (particularly in Africa) face by way of mental distress, emasculated potential, and poor financial literacy in meeting everyday basic needs and wants.
F4 has taken time to craft a solution for African families based on universal principles, the truth found in a manual for life called (The Bible). We have taken the time to understand what the bible has to say as regards finances (making, spending, storing, loving, giving) and it is this truth that we LIVE BY (practice) and PASS ON (teach) with a view to ushering them to CONTENTMENT and FREEDOM that comes with becoming competent STEWARDS of their financial resources.
F4 Vision:
Nurture 7.5 million families into Contentment by AD 2050
F4 Values:
  • Learn - Knowledge, Skill & Competence
  • Engage - with all
  • Simplicity- easy to understand and interact with
  • Stewardship - Steer, attitude, accountability, and Responsibility
F4 Core Business
To deliver contagious Knowledge, Skill, and Competence to families that will liberate them to enjoy sufficiency and fulfillment four generations on!
I am Alice Frezer. I live in Juba, South Sudan. I attended two CMS-Africa programmes. F4 and Women Programme. F4 enabled me to handle money and wqell and taught me how to save. the Women
Programme enabled me to start this shop from the savings that I made practicing F4 disciplines. I am now able to take care of my personal needs, pay for my family’s household and medical bills and pay my tithes and offerings at Church with joy. I am so grateful to CMS-Africa.
“I attended the F4 Training and it has greatly impacted me. Before attending this training, I didn’t have the correct use of money. I would not account for my money as I didn’t spend it wisely. There are days I never valued small money and kept complaining of not having enough money yet I kept spending and spending even to the point of being indebted. I now document every expenditure that I incur and have realized that actually I have a lot just from the records of how much I spend. I now value even small money like 100 UGX and would want to spend it appropriately because it will get into my records!”