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Women Training for Mundri and Lui Women in Nairobi | Projects

Women Training for Mundri and Lui Women in Nairobi

The Women Training Programme has continued to empower South Sudanese Women living in Nairobi. CMS-Africa Women Trainers Stephen Mosheni and Lucy Ochieng conducted a training for 25 women drawn from Mundri and Lui Dioceses in South Sudan from 29th to 31st May 2019.

The Participants who were largely mothers, house wives and church members were taken through the self-discovery as a woman, maintain good relationships with God and mankind, stewardship, family relationships, business entrepreneurship and skills such as budgeting, record keeping, selling and marketing.

The training served as an on-job training for Alice Wamaitha and Esther Ndungu who are training as women trainer under CMS-Africa. When our Communications Team talked to some of the participants at the Women Training held at Holy Trinity Church, Kibera, they attested to having learnt something new and were happy to put to use the skills attached to better their lives. Mary Lole, came to Kenya in 1994 due to the conflicts in South Sudan. She comes Equatorial Mary is Pojulu from Equatorial, but has her family in Kenya.

All her children have gone to school in Kenya and her last born twins managed to score an A- in 2017 but haven’t joint university just yet due to lack of School fees. “I worship here at Holy Trinity and sometimes at AIC in South C,” says Mary who got to know about the training through her friend Nydia. The topic Mary enjoyed the most from this training was on self-discovery as a woman. “Many of us women from South Sudan have been through traumatic experiences and thus have not only lost self-identify but been shamed and made unworthy by our life experiences. Such affirming teaching on our identity as women, created in the image of God and endowed with skills and abilities have rejuvenated me and my fellow participants.

” Mary further observes that the other topics on parenting and taking care of relationships were also very helpful considering the huge responsibility that the South Sudanese Women have had to bear as their husbands and men go to battle. Mary has been involved in business at Kenya Market where she buys and sells as well makes table clothes and bedcovers. She also makes peanut butter among other pastries that she then sells to her ilk in Nairobi.

The training offered her some good skills on budgeting and recording keeping and how to account for her business as an entity. She also asked for Prayers for her nation South Sudan. KENYA has become our second home and our first Home is South Sudan. Pray for the Women who are in Kenya struggling to raise their children. Pray against the issue of corruption and poverty in the nation. The other participant Rodah Michael came to Kenya in 2018 and fellowships with the Mundri and Lui Dioceses Congregation in Nairobi. She is an active member of the church and thus was charged with coordinating the training. Rodah is a networker who sells food supplements in form medicine.

Her business thus deal with is Stemcell Therapy that helps Cancer stricken people as well diabetes. She liked the Women Training and thought highly of content which was like a refreshing for her. It reminded her of book keeping and found a weakness there in her own business where she was taught about recording keeping, budgeting and financial management of her books. She was also happy that the training is anchored in the biblical perspectives and so was reminded that God has good intentions for her life and that of her fellow south Sudanese who have sort refuge in Kenya. The training attracted people from other fellowships too. SYLVANA and Lavina, who are friends are Catholics who fellowship at Holy Trinity Kileleshwa.

The duo is from BARI in Juba Central and their state is called Jubek In 2016 Sylvana came to Kenya together with her six children who are all in school. Her husband is in Juba and the children are in school at St Nicholas. Sylvana though that the Women Training was very nice. I have always harbored an idea of doing business but she had never been sensitized this much. Her plan is hawk clothes, table clothes and sandals o her fellow South Sudanese in Nairobi as well as export these items to Juba.

They have learnt that they can import some things from Juba, like Honey, snacks, juice, and they can bring to Nairobi and sell to the people. Lavina is undertaking an MBA- Strategic Management studies at Catholic University here in Nairobi Kenya and also taking care of her children. She enjoyed the topic on how to discover yourself and her friend SYLVANA liked the parenting topic. They also learnt how to prioritise their issues, business, and recording keeping, budgeting.

Jocelyn Sharland who is the wife to Mission Partner Roger Sharland was also among the participants. From the training Roselyn decided to start making peanut butter and her first client was Lucy Ochieng. Jocelyn who is South Sudan was greatly challenged to do something with her own hands using locally available resources and materials and since she has miller her house, she went ahead and started the peanut butter production not just for her use at home but for selling within her networks.

Prayer items
  • ​​Pray for the participants to find application for what they learnt in their lives, fairly, church and community at large,
  • Pray for the South Sudanese Women who are raising their children here in Nairobi. Some of them are trusting God for School fees for their children who have qualified for university education but have no means to support them, Pray for God’s provision for them in a foreign land.
  • Business capital for those keen to start some kind of enterprises.
  • Follow up trainings for the participants to ensure that holistic transformation takes place.