Vision Conference Revives Family’s Hope of a Better Future

Fish farmingMeet Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Kaanya from Mbuguni area in Tanzania. The duo went through CMS-Africa’s Vision Conference in 2014 and their entire life was revolutionised.
“After teachings in Samaritan strategy I realised that with my limited farm; precisely a quarter an acre, I can make a difference by starting small and maximizing on the locally available resources.” Says Mr. Kaanya.

I braved my fears and started to make use of farm by growing vegetables for sale, planting maize, keeping livestock for transportation services as well as keeping fish on my small piece of land. From the Vision Conference, I learned that from one hen, one can move on to own goats, cows among others. That is exactly what I have done in the last couple of years.

The lessons learnt helped him to change his worldview and poverty mentality which had made him retarded in all spheres of life. After the VISION Conference, all Participants were put in groups of 6 and Mr. Kaanya’s group started a fish bond whereby they have become fish farmers in the heartland of Tanzania Bara; thousands of miles away from the Coastal Tanzania where we have the Indian Ocean. They have fish and have sold fishlings to other upcoming farmers.

He has exchanged his traditional farm animals to grade. His spiritual life has become more vivid unlike the past as he realized that God owns all and thus he has no problem giving a tithe, firt fruits among others. “I have learned to be daring like Peter in the bible and the Lord God is making me to walk on water,” says Mr. Kaanya.
From the 4 areas of change, Kaanya and his wife have learnt not give up in life. On the social front Mr. Kaanya has become an inspiration in his community educating them on what needs to be done. Many have resorted to making a living out of their own Environment as opposed to yesteryears when all the youth and men would stream to mineral mines as the only source of income for communities in Mbuguni and Mererani.

From the VISION Conference Mrs. Kaanya has noticed change in her household. Her children are being raised up in the ways of the Lord and she is more impressed by what her family has become today. One of the sons is now training in carpentry and will soon graduate which gives them lots of joy.

Prayer points for Mr. and Mrs Kaanya

1. Pray that the Lord may help them to complete their residential house which is houses.
2. Pray for their children too that the Lord may endow they with knowledge, wisdom and understanding

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