Kondoa Integrated School Serves 90% Muslim Community

Kondoa Integrated School foundersTeacher Elisha is one if the people who were sponsored to train as a teacher from the Forum of Kondoa Pastors and went through the Samaritan Strategy trainings. As one of the admins at the Kondoa Integrated School who attended the VISION Conferences and formed a group that was charged with coming up with a seed project

From the SSA Trainings, teacher Elisha and his colleagues at Kondoa International School have started projects like drip irrigation, school transport, fish farming among others.
They also started seed planting and from the same they were able to start witnessing for Christ. Some of the trees were planted and are growing now as an example to the community where agriculture is not much in use.

They also started a vegetable garden from which vegetables are sourced to feed the children under the school feeding programme. They also visited a children orphanages taking gifts to the and sharing the love of God with themFrom the VISION Conference they group has continued to run prayers for the community.
The school started in 2006 as a seed project of the Pentecostal churches.

The teachers offered to do free tuition for the children who have difficulty in performances and this has endeared them to.They have visited Islamic centers where they have endeared themselves to the Islamic leaders .They involve the youth in sports and get a chance to participate in and also share the word of God.They have organised revival meetings in the community where the youth have participated and many.
The teachers have inspired change and transformation in the community.They have continued to spread the word of God through pamphlets and Brochures on the Christ. This has been enabled through
an example of the child from an Islamic Community who had difficulties but after prayer, they have greatly improved in the the school has become a credible institution bringing a lot of change in the community.

The children have become more devoted and serious in delivering their own communities.All the parents and the entire community of Kondoa desire to bring their children to the school due to teachings of the a Christian practice.This has changed with time because from the beginning they were not willing because the school.
even on a Friday the students are not a lowed to go to school.

The school was started by 5 local churches under the unity of the churches. They sought support they
the school started by East Africa qfou dating

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