Feedback from Rorya on the impact of CMS-Africa Trainings

RwamparaIn 2015, CMS-Africa was in Rorya Diocese to train the youth and women in entrepreneurship skills. The youth and women trainers spent a week in November 2015 and visited those 2 years later to see what has been done and re-equip them.

Learnt how to start projects, business and entrepreneurship covering farming, business. We learnt to start with the little we have and grow with it as we continue engaging in the same trainers also trained the people in witnessing for Christ as well as sharing God's love.

The participants affirmed that they had learnt about things that hinder their self-realization, backward cultures and beliefs, ABC's of culture,
The groups also learned about income and expenditure. The groups planned to engage in productive and economic farming, they also engaged in pastoral farming covering chicken and sheep. They also engaged in Small scale farming.

Some other group planned to start farming of turkey, sewing and small scale farming work. Chicken raising picked up well and the group members were able to sell the eggs, fish among other group started education Programme for the youth and have so far succeed in bring the youth to the church. This they have done through the community projects.
Some group members went ahead and starting garden farming, chicken farming, cobbling, salon Business and livestock farming. The group succeed in farming and selling of cereals:- maize, sorghum, fish and eggs They farmed but the produce wasn't good and thus they didn't get to meet their needs
Challenges, Lack of Farm inputs like fertilizers, farm tools hampered the initiatives. In livestock raising, the group members realized that their initiative was plagued by sickness and they were not able to provide proper medication.

Lack of markets where their Produce could be sold at a good price was also a challenge. Lack of capital, working tools like drier, fertilizer, lack of relevant skills in expertise in chicken raring.
Other challenges include delayed rainfall and prolonged drought which hampered farming prospects. Some of the fowl that were reared become sick and lacked proper medication. So the outbreak of diseases and lack of access to to the right medication remained a challenge. Poor market for the products like clothes produced was a challenge in implementation and sustaining this project.
In June 2006, the group harvested for the very first time. They were able to incubate and produce many chicks which grew and matured. Th y sold them and the vegetables which they had grown and generated good income which helped them to share good dividends amongst the members
No impact from their initiatives so far but they are fired up to engage more in farming to better their produce. They are praying that the Lord God may help them in their initiates to succeeded in their entrepreneurial initiatives

The community is very grateful to the initiative started and even ended up partaking in the sewing project. The group has become a resourced to the community with many coming to learnt and draw lessons from the group.

The other impact is that some individuals and groups copied and started similar interventions as individuals and groups that had gone through the training.
The group projects that with some funding, they can grow their initiatives and affect the entire community. The groups also are trusting God for farm implements and tools to be able to better engage in productive communities initiatives.
Investor to be retrained continually, be facilitated to get capital as well as work tools that can make them successful in their implementation. That will make them successful, draw many to Christ and glorify God almighty.

In KOWAK parish, women contribute every month into a safe and they end up sharing the savings at the beginning of the year.
In another parish, the youth are engaged in making of bricks and have some capital to invest.

The duration, time taken is too long before the refresher trainings is received. There is need to make immediate follow up to the parishes, churches, and communities where the people are living.
Formation of Groups and community investment Forums is a skill that needs to be upped in future if the guest of sustainable Christian work in Africa is to be sustained.
Value chain and value addition to the business investments is key. The prayer items undertaken every week need to be followed by actions and true interventions that are

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