Pendaheli Epitomizes Youth Transformation in Tanzania

PendaheliPendaheli Lisa a trained filitator of Samaritan Strategy and a real practitioner of the transformation message that CMS-Africa is taking to communities across the continent.
At 24 years, Pendaheli has revolutionized how youth perceive agriculture by mobilizing young people within his area and engaging them in serious agribusiness.

The VISION Conference trainings taken to their community by World VISION in partnership with CMS-Africawere the first of their kind in 2015. He leant that Africa is not cursed because it is endowed with lots of resources. It is Africans who have not come to understand that they have resources and they can harness them for their progress and that of the whole community. This hit his like a thunderbolt, knowing at the back of his mind that his family has acres and acres of land that had remained uncultivated. Pendaheli had stayed in the city for four years but upon receiving this message of wholistic transformation, he quit town and went back to the village.

He took it upon himself to be the agent of change and started off by sensitising fellow youth on proper farming techniques and timing for farming. This led to formation of Youth groups who started growing vegetables, tomatoes, fresh beans, maize among others

Whatever they farmed, he involved his family members and fellow youth from the community. They offered free manual labor on the farms and it is no surprise to note that at the end of every harvest season, the youth groups are making millions and missions of Tanzania shillings through sales of their farm produce.
One example is the Youth farming group that specializes in green beans. This youth group has managed to get links with a local company that exports green beans to neighboring countries, mainly Kenya. The group has hired 7 acres of land and planted green beans. The projected earnings from this farm in 20Million Tanzania shillings.
On the spiritual dimension, Pendaheli has started going to church and he is even planning to do a church wedding with his wife Lucy. He used to go to witch doctor but today he goes to church every Sunday where he is the development secretary of his Local Lutheran Church.

The wife Lucy Paulo attests to the transformation in spiritual front in their house.They have also made advances as he is building a permanent house for his family just from farming. The hose is now at the Lintel and Pendaheli and Lucy are trusting God to have it roofed before the close of 2017.
Prayer Points

Tanzanian Youth believe in foreign power to become wealthy. They don't believe that one can become rich in any other way than witchcraft or sponsorship which has been an impediment to the youth following in his footsteps. Pray with Pendaheli to continue becoming the light in his community that many may learn from him

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