Word for Business People in East Africa from Kigali BAM Conference

Pastor Simon Nziramakenga sharing in the devotion at the opening of the BAM Conference in Kigali
Pastor Simon Nziramakenga sharing in the devotion at the opening of the BAM Conference in Kigali

Bishop Simon Nziramakenga who is in charge of the Samaritan Strategy in the Great Lakes region gave a powerful message to the Business people in Rwanda during the Business as Mission Conference held recently in Kigali

Bishop Nziramakengaobserved that a lot of development going on in Rwanda including the recent African Union(AU) conference hosted in Kigali was an indication the Christians need to be actively involved in business in their country.

There are lots of development in infrastructure due to enhanced security and political stability which is creating an enabling environment for business to thrive in Rwanda. “Our Country is on the road to recovery and Christians need not be left behind; but rather position themselves in the business world so as to generate the much needed resources for the advancement of the Kingdom of God,” said the Bishop.

The Bishop challenged Christians not just to get involved in business but be persisted in whatever they do. “Be patient and listen to what the Lord God is speaking unto you as regards that business venture you are involved in,” he posed.

The CMS-Africa’s Business as Mission programme is designed to encourage more and more Christian to get involved in Business for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.
“There is milk and honey in the midst of great challenge and opposition,” said the Bishop.

It possible that if Christians do business God’s way in the midst of great challenge but being led by faith we can succeed.The Bishop cited the example of Christian Impact Mission (CIM) in Kenya led by Dr. Titus Masika who has turned a semi-arid area into a healthy productive farming area. When believers begin to engage in Business for the good of the Kingdom of God, God manifest himself and gives abundance even where there is scarcity. If you have faith, you can cause productivity to come forth even from the desert and wilderness. The point is not just to sit and wait but do something.
In the book of Numbers 14:9 “If we trust God and obey Him, anything we do will be successful.

CMS-Africa was commended for helping the church realise its role of inspiring the people of East Africa towards wholistic transformation. Christianity is not just about spiritual but also physical, social and intellectual matters.

“Just like Caleb and Joshua, we should be positive and ready to tell people that it is possible to inherit the land flowing he with milk and honey for all things are possiblke to them that believe,” concluded Bishop Nziramakenga.

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