The Great Commission and Business as Mission

 Rev. Dennis Tongoi praying for the BAM leaders in Kigali
Rev. Dennis Tongoi praying for the BAM leaders in Kigali












A sermon as deliver by Rev. Dennis Tongoi at the BAM Conference in Kigali, Rwanda)

The Book of Matthew 28:19-20 says
"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Understands that the Lord demands of us to disciple the nations. Stop church games and activities and start engaging in the discipling of the nations.
Revelations 20:3 Satan deceives the nations and cause the world to be very unkind to those who try to oppose its systems. Ephesians 6: 12
What is a discipled Nation?
1. Lives in the truth of the word of God
2. Follows the principles of the Word of God.

The analogy of traffic rules that control nations and people live by them is amazing.
Satan tries to change the laws of God.
When God gave mankind the rules by which to live, is it not the devil who came and contradicted the same to the woman and man leading them to sin?
And later on we again see Israel formed when Moses was given the 10 commandments. Exodus 20:15 says Do not steal. Yet the systems of this world are such that you cannot succeed in business without stealing, corrupting your way, charging usury among other vices and evils that rule the corporate and business world.

Today, many nations are not build upon truth of God’s word. Many people don't go into the world of business because the devil has changed the truth of the word of God from do not steal, to do not be caught stealing. That you can do business without stealing and succeed has become an impossibility in this age and time.

Apostle Paul says in Ephesians 4:28 that‘let the thief no longer steal, let them work to earn a living.”
Business as mission seeks to create jobs. It is getting people to work to the glory of God.It is obeying the word of God that the thief should steal no longer but work and give to the poor.

The concept of business as mission is not just getting Christians into the market place but getting Christians in the market place to disciple the nations.

It is getting Christians to live by Gods principles in the market place; to be a witness to the world for God and to seek to transform the market place to the glory of God.

My own testimony of getting involved in business not just talking about it got me into lots of trouble and I quickly learnt that business as mission cannot be won at the market place without winning on the knees.
My family, wife and I were laughed at, despised, ill-talked of and harassed by the world due to committing to do business in Gods way and through the principles of the Kingdom.
Some Christian authors believes that business as mission is a wrong concept that pastors should not be involved in because they can't win.
They say business is a calling just like pastoral calling and should be left to people who have that calling. While this may be right, any calling including pastoral is not just about running the marathon but winning the marathon. This is only possible when the church is in charge of capital and the required resources.

Thus, the ultimate goal of business as mission is not just to make profits but to give back to the society.
If we don't create jobs, we are stealing from our children and sooner than later, they will be coming for them; fast displacing us from the ones we have.

The goal of business as mission should be to create jobs. Entrepreneurs are job makers and not stealers. Business as mission seeks to change people's minds by creating wealth through work.Stealing on the other hand is creating wealth without work. What kind of Pastor or Christian leader are you?

As Christian business people, if we don't make profit, we are stealing from our employees.Apostle Paul for instance, did not look for money to do mission but worked hard using his own hands so that he could do mission.

All Christians have been called to engage in profitable businesses and it is time we all asked ourselves some hard question if we are really involved in the great commission.

  1. How many new jobs have you created in the last one year?Acts 20:33-35
  2. Was Paul a missionary who did business or businessman who did missions?
  3. Have are you doing in your business venture? Don't just pray to survive in your business venture, pray to transform and be a change agent across the globe to the glory of God!

Final Remarks
I invite all the church leaders in Rwanda to consider organizing a 2 day conference for church leaders on BAM and invite CMS to train on BAM.
The Question of paying the price by sticking to the biblical principles is common across countries and Christians in Rwanda are no exception. Brace up for the fight and do business God’s way
The question of creating structures in church need to be reviewed to incorporate Business groups (BAM) just like we have praise and worship, Women, Youth, Sunday School etc.

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