The God of Mission and the Mission of God

Rev. Dennis Tongoi second left after he spoke at Rev Nkusi left church in Kigali Rwanda.They blessed the congreangts one by one after the service
Rev. Dennis Tongoi (second left) after he spoke at Rev Nkusi (left) church in Kigali Rwanda.
They blessed the congreangts one by one after the service





By Rev. Dennis Tongoi,

Sermon as delivered at the Sunday Worship at Rev.Nkusi Parish, Rwanda.

Exodus 21:1ff and John 10:1ff
Mark 6:1-3, Galatians 3:28-29
Exodus 19:18-26

We did not make God but God made us in his own image and likeliness. As such weare in Gods mission to fulfill his purposes here on earth.
But as mankind evolved, the temple become the center of worship and not the place where worship was to ascent to God.
In the fullness of time, God reverses this by sending his son to be born, not in the palace, not in the temple, but in a manger.
The first people to see his son, are not the Kings or the Priests, but shepherds.
God’s methods are not ours, his ways are not ours. He commenced the mission of reconciling mankind to himself. Jesus was born and grew up in Nazareth as a carpenternot Rome or Jerusalem.
The act of the Creator himself by sending his son to the world to reconcile all things to himself should be interpreted as God’s plan of redemption
Apostle Paul in the book of Ephesians says “it is by Grace that we have been saved.”
If you have not found Jesus as your personal savior you have not entered into a God mission’s plan. Once you receive Jesus and enter into his mission, you enter in God’s mission.
It is not just Christ in you but you in Christ that that is called to the mission of God.
The God of mission has send his son into the world, but the mission of God is to reconcile the world to his self.
In the like manner, you are first of all in Christ then Kenyan, Rwanda, Ugandan.
Rwanda is a testimony of how God reconciles all people into one people. After the genocide 2 decades ago, a people have emerged with true love for one another, a sign of reconciliation.
Israel was meant to be a nation of priest not a nation with priests and that is exactly how God perceives the church. As such, God’s mission is not when you come to church, it is when you get out to the church to represent God in all that you do. In all trades and works, profession, businesses etc.

Apostle Paul in the book off Ephesians addresses how you should show reconciliation. How husbands relate with wife and vice versa. How children should relate to their parents and vice versa.
When you come to church on Sunday, those with gifts have been charged to equip members of the church tobecome priests and servants. It is not about them (those with gifts) being priests but building out of the congregation priests and servants.
The image of God is reflected when you are a servant serving God’s purposes in your place of work, marriage, relationship and virtually all spheres of life. The world is eagerly awaiting for the manifestation of the sons of God who demonstrate in how they live true reconciliation.
Always look at what you do as an act of worship and service unto God and do it diligently.Indeed, the bible says in all you do, do as unto the Lord!

Our whole life should be an act of worship.Let every season of your life, whatever you do bring glory unto the Lord.Whether we live, whether we die, God’s omission is to be fulfilled in our lives.


  1. Allow God to glorify himself in your life.
  2. Come to think of this, where has God placed you in life?
  3. How do you fulfill Gods purposes in our lives?
  4. How is you work, your trade, your career bringing glory unto God?

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