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God has been faithful to us during the past few years, helping us to continue our ministry through the various trainings such as worldview and development, holistic ministry, financial freedom for vulnerable women and promotion of saving groups. Through His grace, your prayers and your generous giving our Lord has blessed us with many testimonies of people whose lives have been transformed by the love of Christ.

Since October 2014 CMS–Africa is conducting a series of trainings in Mbuji-Mayi, through the Anglican Church Diocese of Kasai. Beneficiaries of those trainings came about by creating MLB saving group. MLB started as a merry-go-round of twelve women has but grown up to an ASCA (community bank). These women, by pooling their resources, financed each other’s businesses–soft drink, dress making, clothing store, soap making, ……. . Their saving group grant allowed additional investment in supplies and equipment to start, improve and scale up their individual businesses.

    Meet Marie Claire NDAYA
Ndaya    A grant of $300 helped me to increase my stock with new soft drinks for sale. I purchased 10 crates of Skool, 11 crates of Sogakor.

I am proud because with my small business I contribute financially in paying school fees of our children and medical bills. I use whatever I make on a daily basis to help support my business, family and church. In 2015, two new women saving groups were created. In our church there are a lot of women in a difficult situation. I try to help them as I can; I encourage them to join our saving group, thus Mrs. Esther KUNANGIDI joined our saving group B in 2015.

    Meet Élisée Tshibunda
Elisee   From the saving group Mrs. Elisée TSHIBUNDA received a lump sum of $300. The amount helped her to purchase one new sewing machine and repair two and purchase other raw materials to expand business. Now it's a workshop of 5 dressmakers.

Today, she is working with four trainees. Élisée is very happy to now be a self-sufficient woman. The saving group has not only helped her establish her own business and overcome many of her challenges as the breadwinner for her family, but it has also put her in a position to provide a source of income and inspiration to young women.

    Meet Véronique Muika and Esther Kunangidi
veronique   Véronique and her sister are running a jewelry business in an open space in Mbuji-Mayi town where they sell various beauty items for women. They started their business when they joined a women saving group. A subsequent grant of $300, then allowed them to rent a better working place for the business and purchase shop supplies. The improved shop space is enabling them to attract new customers and improve their sales.

With the additional profits they are able to send their children to school, which they are certain, will create a brighter future.

    Meet Léontine Bilonda
 Leontine   When Mrs. Léontine received a lump sum of $300 from their saving group, she joined her friend who was already involved money exchange business.

Women training opened my eyes and reinforced saving capacities. I was jobless, now I have created my own job and I am able to solve some of my money problems and my life standard has improved.
I thank the Anglican church of Congo and CMS-Africa for this training program and especially for regular follow-up. Today, I stand on my own feet financially. There are reasons for me to smile.

    Meet Marie Claire Mujinga
 MarieC   Mrs. Marie with her team of 4 young people run a wholesale business producing drinking water and then sell it in bulk to other retailers in the community. Her $300 grant has been used to rent storage space and to purchase freezer, paper bags.

This is a very lucrative business, and they are looking for ways to expand their business. Before they can expand, they need to install solar power for permanent energy for the freezers. They would also like to add soft drinks in bulk to the line of products of current inventory. Marie’s life standard has improved a lot and many women joined their saving group because of her testimony, such as Mrs. Sylvie KABAMBA.

    Meet Madeleine MULANGA
 Madeleine   Mrs. Madeleine is a widow, since 2014 she started to save up money in their saving group. In 2015 she obtained her first grant of $300 to invest in the start of a hand-made soap business. With this amount she purchased raw materials and equipment (soda caustic, palm oil, dye, titan, perfume and other accessories). Every day, she distributes her goods to a number of retailers and her business grows quickly.

Her growing activity enables her to reimburse progressively her loan on time. Their saving group enables Madelaine to have the financial resources to support the development of her activity, while in consequence she creates job opportunities and develops other people’s skills.

    Meet Petronie MUNJINGA et Christine NGUDIA
 petronieC   Mrs. Petronie and Christine work together. They sell clothes for boys, girls and babies. The training helped them to get knowledge and with the grant of 600$ received from their saving group was the starting point for the beginning of their small business.

Today they are proud that their business allows them to provide better, more nutritious foods for their children and pay school fees for their children.
In our families our children and family members are happy and today, we are stable as we can pay house rent, children school fees and feed them. Because of testimony, other women have joined our saving group: Mrs. MASENGU Justine and BIATA Marth.

Here are some success stories from Saving Group B&C
    Meet Nana Mujinga
 Nana   Mrs. Nana MUJINGA received a lump sum of $50 from the saving group to increase her small business. She stands behind her table full of vegetables, tomatoes, onions, beans, spices, nuts, fruits, eggs… ready to welcome customers with an eager, bright smile.

Many people come to join their group as they see her progressing in her income generating activities. Her unique creation help to pay for rent, household expenses and school fees for her children.

    Meet Justine Masengu and Suzanne Mulumba
 Masengu   From the saving group she received a lump sum of 48000 fc ($51.60). This amount helped her to buy 4 bags of charcoals; as the beginning of her business.
The training helped us to create our own business and solve many financial problems in our families.
    Meet Beatrice Kabedi
 kabedi   She received a lump sum of $50 from their saving group. This amount helped her to increase her shop of second hand clothes. From the profit of her business, she is able to pay the rent of their house, school fees for her children, and medical bills…
Every monthly profit brings her one step closer to fulfilling her lifelong dream: seeing her children graduate from college.
    Meet Rose Tshiama
 Rose   Mrs. Rose TSHIAMA runs a small convenience store out of her home, using the profits from her business to help feed and entertain children in poor communities.
Mrs. Rose, a widow had been selling peanut and groundnuts with her children. Her boy would travel by road on long distance journeys to villages to purchase peanut and groundnuts to sell.

Mrs. Rose is happy that her business is steadily growing, but it wasn’t so long ago when she struggled to expand her business. Mrs. Rose struggled to provide basic needs for her family. MLB saving group made loans available to women like her who were working hard to build small businesses to support their families.

    Meet Marie Tshibuabua
 Tshibuabua   "I thank God and CMS-Africa for $50 I have been granted through MLB saving group. This amount helped to improve my business by adding other items like beans, rice and peanust.
My business ensures me that my children will get ahead by going to school. I can't reach university, so I want them to learn, and when they grow up, to become important persons in this community." The profit of my business helps me to contribute in the rent, food and church projects.

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