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Business As Mission (BAM)

About The Programme

This is an exciting movement of kingdom-minded business people whose emphasis is on transforming communities through business with an intention to make Jesus known, encountered and followed. BAM recognizes business is a calling.

Business as Mission

Business as Mission (BAM) is an exciting movement of kingdom minded business people whose emphasis is on transforming communities through business with an intention to make Jesus known, encountered and followed. BAM recognises that business is a calling, that business people are full time minister's not just Mission supporters, and the market place a prime's mission field. BAM also recognises business as an entry point to poverty eradication.

Quadruple bottom line

The quadruple bottom line of Business as Mission is what makes BAM distinct from other businesses. CMS-Africa has been developing the quadruple line business model which aims to start and develop business for the benefit of the whole communities and especially poor ones. BAM Africa is therefore pursuing this as a viable model for doing business in the 21st century. This quadruple bottom line has four components namely:


This involves starting sustainable and profitable business. BAM Businesses exist to generate wealth and profit as an end in itself.


The spiritual component aims to build on our biblical world in the work place.


This is the social enterprise which embodies the interest of communities and fair-trade in the business development. It aims at social transformation.


Stewardship of the environment as God's gift to us means caring and nurturing it as part and parcel of the business development.

The real bottom line of Business as Mission is AMDG-Ad Maiorem Dei glorium- for the greater glory of God. The church is central to this as the living body of Christ in the world.

How we do it

  •  Envisioning and equipping the Church to affirm business and business people
  •  BAM network forums and conferences
  •  Capacity building-training of business people
  •  Exposure and awareness campaigns
  •  Facilitating business start ups
  •  Linking mature businesses with young business

You can do something


Pray for the movement

We call upon the church worldwide to identify, affirm, pray for, commission and release business people and entreneurs to exercise their gifts and calling as business people in the world-among all people and to the ends of the earth.


We call upon business people globally to receive this affirmation and to consider how the gifts and experience might be used to help meet the world's most pressing spiritual and physicall needs through Business as Mission


  •  Do you want to start a business?
  •  Do you need help in growing your business?
  •  Do you want to make your business a kingdom business
  •  Do you want to start changing your community through job and wealth creation?
  •  Do you want to want to invest in mentoring, others to be kingdom business people?
  •  Are you a church seeking to transform your membership to do business that make a difference?

If your answer is yes! Come and be part of what God is doing through business to reach the world with His love and transforming power.

Featured Article

Commissioning of Market place Missionaries in KINALE, Kiambu CountyCMS-Africa in partnership with Partners Worldwide is impacting Kenyan communities by interesting individuals in business as missions. “In the year 2000, I was involved in a research on how business can transform communities. From this research, we realized that businesses are redemptive vessels to bring people out of poverty to reflect God’s image and to bring people to Jesus,” affirms BAM champion Rev Dennis Tongoi.

In Kiambu County- Kenya, Dairy farmers have been going through a training on Business as Mission and on Friday January 30th, over 20 of them qualified as trainer of trainers in value chain and integration of farmers to business as Mission concepts at a colorful ceremony presided over by CMS-Africa International Director Rev. Dennis Tongoi.

“The trainer of trainers underwent two weeks of thorough training on business management hinged on biblical concepts of business as mission. Today we are here to commission the TOT’s who have gone through the training to become approved training of trainers for the business training curriculum.” says Grace Muchiri, the Partnership Manager- Kenya at Partners Worldwide.

Rev Dennis Tongoi commissioned 20 TOT’s to not only go train people in businesses but become market place missionaries leveraging on business to reach out the communities for Jesus Christ.
“CMS-Africa believes the market place is the centre for missions and as such works with strategic partners to reach out to people involved in businesses,” said Rev. Dennis.

Value chain integration access for the dairy farmers

Commissioning of Market place Missionaries in KINALE, Kiambu CountyGrafco Savings and Credit Company played a big role in mobilising the trainees in Kiambu County. Grafco is a company that deals in dairy farming by training farmer’s to add value to dairy products. They are thus involved in the farming work and believe in farming God’s way.

“This is a first of its kind in Kenya where business practice is to be heavily informed by a biblical curriculum. The 20 have been trained to be market place ministers and it is hope that they will impact communities for Christ,” said Grafco team leader, Mr. John Wanjohi.

A training curriculum on business as mission was developed by Partners Worldwide and is in use in several countries. The curriculum is designed to equip TOT who are then send to the market places to train the business people and CMS-Africa has been in the forefront advancing this biblical concepts across the continent.

When the Ugandans’ realized the kind of training that Business training is, they went ahead and organized a training that brought together over 5 local organization. A training was undertaken and they commissioned the trainees as TOT in the year 2013.

“There are 2 kinds of minister, there is the market place minister and there is the pulpit minister. Through this training, we discussed that the market place minister is more with the people. The pulpit minister is just with the people on Sundays. If the people in the market place would have Christ in them and serve as minister, they would do better that even the pulpit ministers,” said yet another of the trainees Tabitha from Grafco.

Commissioning of Market place Missionaries in KINALE, Kiambu County“Business people do not necessarily need credit. Some of them all they need is training; empowering with knowledge and power. Once people have the knowledge they are able to organize the resources they have and they will surely make a difference in the society,” said Rev. Tongoi while charging the BAM ToT’s to go out and empower the business people with biblical knowledge.

Rev Tongoi beseeched the ToTs to be like Paul and Noah in the Bible who used whatsoever skills and abilities God had given them by engaging in businesses for the Glory of God.

“As you go out there and train the people in business, remember the greater call of God on your life. May the Lord fill you with the Holy Spirit like Bezalel and Ohaliab who were endowed with the Spirit of God to do wonder in Exodus chapter thirty one,” admonished Rev Tongoi.


Compiled by John Ndeta

CMS Africa

Discipling Marketplace Leaders



CMS and
ICM Kenya

invite all pastors
and church leaders
to attend this two-day
workshop which will
transform your
Monday, October
31 – Tuesday,
November 1, 2016;
9 am – 3 pm
Cost: KSH (includes
materials, tea, and
lunch for both


c/o Africa Theological
Section 6
Kitale, Kenya
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Did you know that:

  • 80-95% of most church membership is involved in the Marketplace (which includes business, education, and government)?
  • People who work in the marketplace spend more time at their workplace than anywhere else?
  • People who work in the marketplace don’t see their work as holy or as a calling; in addition, they don’t see the relevance of the church to their daily lives?
  • As churches, we do a good job of discipling people to a personal relationship with God, discipling people to have a godly marriage and be godly parents, but we don’t disciple people to their purpose in the marketplace?

We are called to be the Church from Monday – Sunday and work can be our spiritual act of worship.
Discipling Marketplace Leaders is a ministry for churches who desire to see the world transformed for Christ and wish to do so by discipling their members to the purpose of being the Church from Monday-Saturday.

Dr Phillip Walker
Renita Reed Thomson

This training is for Senior Pastors and their staff
on Church-based Business as Mission, and will be led by Dr. Phillip Walker and Renita Reed-Thomson. Dr. Walker has spent forty years’ experience in building church leadership in Africa and the Middle East through International Christian Ministries. Renita Reed-Thomson has her MBA in Sustainable Development and has worked for eleven years in business development throughout Africa.

Unleashing the Church
Transforming the community
Changing the world



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