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Board of Directors


Abp. Rtd. Donald Mtetemela - Chairperson

Arcbishop, Donald Mutetemela is a retired Anglican clergy in Tanzania. He has had a long career in the ministry lasting for more than 20 years. He has held various top positions including; 20 years as the Bishop of Ruaha Diocese in Tanzania, served for 10 years as the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Tanzania, Appointed as an Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Central Tanganyika (ACT) where her served for eight years, he worked as a General Secretary of the Diocese of Central Tanganyika (ACT), he was a Lecturer at St. Philips Theological College Kongwa in Tanzania (ACT College), He was Ordained to priesthood in Diocese of Central Tanganyika (ACT) in the year 1971. He is the founder of Mama Bahati foundation a microfinance institute in Tanzania.

He holds various positions in different institutes in Tanzania and beyond; He sis a member of the CMS-Africa Board, He is the Chancellor of St. John’s University, he is the Chairman and Trustee of Mama Bahati Foundation, he is the trustee of Bible Society of Tanzania, and the Chairman of Watu na Nuru (Solar Organization in Tanzania – ACT)
He is married to Gladys and together blessed with seven children.



Rt. Rev Joseph Kanuku- Vice Chairman

The Rt. Rev. Joseph Mutie Kanuku is the Bishop of Makueni Diocese. He was born in 1949 in Mbooni location. He is a graduate in Theology from Pan African University. He has other several training in teaching and leadership.

He has served as the second Bishop of Machakos Diocese from 1985 – 2013 January, before becoming the first Bishop of the newly created Makueni Diocese. He begun working as a primary school teacher and then promoted to teach in Secondary school then became a Principal of the school before switching into full time ministry. He served as an administrator, then an Archdeacon before taking full title of being a Diocese administrator thereafter, he was made a Canon. He has served in many Boards and Councils, such as Daystar University council.

He is married to Josephine Nzula and they are blessed with six children namely; Joan, Jennifer, Jacinta, Julia, Joshua and Eunice. He has two adopted children namely; Irene and Faith.

Joseph Masika

Mr. Joseph Mutunga Masika - Treasurer

I am a finance and accounting professional with over 12 years experience mainly in audit processes, financial management, training and accounting support. I have special interest and experience in the above supporting the non-profit sector - NGOs, Churches, CBOs and other kinds of public benefit organizations. I have also had measurable experience in supporting the establishment and running of SMEs.

I am a fully qualified accountant (CPAK) and registered with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) M/No. 6672. I am a fully qualified Certified Public Secretary (CPS). I hold a certificate in Hospital Administration from CORAT Africa and a certificate in Inter-cultural Missions from Hald International Center, Mandal, Norway. I have a B.Com (Accounting) degree from the University of Nairobi. I am currently concluding a Masters degree in Leadership Studies (MLS) at the International Leadership University.

I am a born again Christian and a member of Mamlaka Hill Chapel. I am currently a member of the board of directors of Film Aid Kenya, an organization registered in the US as well locally with the NGOs Coordination Board. Film Aid seeks to use the power of Media to pass life changing messages especially to the Refugee Communities in Dadaab and in Kakuma.

Joseph is currently working with Terre des Hommes Netherlands, as Regional Finance Manager for East Africa.

John Senyonyi

Prof. John Senyonyi - Director

John Senyonyi holds a PhD in Mathematical Statistics from the University of Melbourne, Australia (1984), and a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Nairobi (1978). He taught at Makerere University in the Department of Mathematics, from 1978-1980 and 1984 to 1987. He left University teaching to follow God’s call into itinerant evangelism, and later graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Evangelism/Theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Trinity International University (1992), USA.

His teaching career began at Makerere University in 1978 during the atrocious years of Idi Amin. Following the ouster of Amin, John was awarded a scholarship to study at the University of Melbourne for five years. He returned to Uganda in 1984 to continue teaching at Makerere University, but his teaching career was cut short when God called him into evangelistic work with African Evangelistic Enterprise in 1988. From 2001 to date Uganda Christian University (UCU) has been his workstation, where he has served as the University Chaplain, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration first and then Deputy Vice Chancellor for Development and External Relations. In September, 2010, he was appointed Vice Chancellor of Uganda Christian University taking over as the second Vice Chancellor of the young University.

Charles Clayton

Mr. Charles Clayton- Director

Most of my working life has been spent with national and international charities. I was trained first as a Civil Engineer in Loughborough, UK, and later studied theology in
Philadelphia, USA.
Currently I mentor organisational leaders and formed a company, Oxford Leaders Ltd, for this purpose. I also serve as the part-time CEO of the Primary Trauma Care Foundation which works in more than 70 countries; this requires some management and a lot of “pure” leadership, i.e. influencing and inspiring volunteer doctors to run training courses in the developing world.

It is a privilege to serve as the Chair of Trustees of CMS-UK at a time when the organisation is going through significant changes. We are strengthening the board and clarifying our strategic direction as we seek to fulfill the mission God has given the Church Mission Society.

My centre of gravity is always my family and church life. My wife and I live in Oxford, where we are active members of St Andrew’s Church of England. We have two daughters and four grandchildren.


Rt. Rev. Moses Deng - Director

He is the Bishop of the Diocese of Wau, in Southern Sudan. Bishop Deng holds a Bachelor of Arts in Divinity from St. Pauls University, Kenya.
He holds also a Diploma in Theology from Brea Theological College in Nakuru, Kenya.
He is married to Elizabeth Ajok and they are blessed with three children; two boys and one girl.


Most Rev. Onesphore Rwaje- Director

The most Rev. Dr. Archbishop Onesphore Rwaje is the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Rwanda. He was born in 1953 at Kinyababa sector, Burera District.

He holds a Doctorate in Theology (D. Min) in leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary in USA, He has a Master in Theology and development studies from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and He has a degree in Divinity from St. Paul's University in Kenya. Besides theology, He has a Diploma in Mathematics from the National University of Rwanda and a certificate in Education from Humanite Pedagogique de Shogwe.

He was appointed Archbishop in 2011. He was the Bishop in-charge of Byumba Diocese from 1991-2010. He was a pastor at Saint Etienne Cathedral-Kigali Docese and at the same time diocesan development officer and diocesan secretary for Kigali Diocese from 1985-1990.He was the Coordinator of Secondary Schools in the Council of Protestant Churches (CPR and Coordinator of refugee Department of CPR in 1978-1982. He was a Teacher of Mathematics and Biology at Muramba Seconday School in 1977-1978. PS: Archbishop Onesphore RWAJE, served as Chairman of the Council of Protestant Church of Rwanda (National Counci of Churches of Rwanda- CPR), Chairman of the African

He is married to Josephine, and blesses with 5 children (3 boys and 2 girls)


Rev. Dennis Tongoi- Secretary

Mr. Dennis Tongoi is the Executive Director of CMS Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is currently enrolled in a doctorate programme with the University of South Africa. He is married to Irene and they have three children.

Having spent nearly 20 years working with the Navigators, Kenya, he joined Church Mission Society (CMS) in 2002; first as the Programme Manager for Advocacy for Social Transformation, and then as Africa Regional Director.

He has been involved with various movements in the fight for Justice and Peace and has worked as a consultant in organizational development and human resources for local and international organizations. He was founding Chairman of Christians for a Just Society Kenya (CFJS), and Coalition for Peaceful Elections and FARST Africa. He was a consultant for Tearfund UK and Church Army Africa.

He is a gifted speaker and widely traveled, sharing his experiences and passion for mission and the development of leaders to transform society. He has lectured at Daystar University and is on the leadership team of Samaritan Strategy Africa (SSA) and More than a Mile Deep (MMD). He is on the boards of Care of Creation, Disciple Nations Alliance, Inc (USA), Karura Chapel Trust, Baraka Africa Funds, THE JUSTICE FUND, FARST (Faith Acts, Research Support and Training) Africa and Zara Investments Ltd.

As a writer he has published Mixing God with Money and co-written Building a Prosperous Kenya. He has also developed the Africa Version Study Guide for the book, My Business, My Mission written by Doug Seebeck and Timothy Stoner

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